The Grinch versus The Abominable Snowman | Winter Holiday Story Series

The story of the Grinch is a widely known, heartwarming tale that shows how the true spirit of Christmas can transform even the grouchiest and most cynical being and give them a change of heart. The Grinch’s personality used to revolve around hating the holiday, and he even plotted the downfall of the Whos’ annual Christmas celebration. However, as we all know, he completely changed his perspective on the holiday, and became its biggest champion. Everyone knows this wholesome narrative, but have you ever wondered what else came after his Christmas transformation?

As one would expect, The Grinch’s daily routine changed a bit after his change of heart regarding Christmas. He kept his home up on Mount Crumpit because he liked his alone time, had spent so many years there growing up, and a nice bonus was that it was a big enough house to throw good Christmas parties for all of Whoville. As he became a much more positive person when he changed his outlook on life, his daily schedule reflected this change as well. Instead of his old schedule being, “4:00pm – wallow in self pity, 4:30pm – stare into the abyss, 5:00pm – solve world hunger, tell no one, 5:30pm – jazzercise, 6:30pm – dinner with himself,” and so on, it became the following: 4:00pm – positive affirmations, 4:30pm – meditation, 5:00pm – solve world hunger, tell everyone, 5:30pm – jazzercise, 6:30pm – dinner with himself, since self-love is always important, (and maybe some Who friends if he felt like being social). Obviously, he also spent more time in Whoville with Martha May (his girlfriend), The Lou Whos (Cindy and her family), and even doing some community service, like recycling old Christmas presents.

Although this new way of life was more fulfilling and made the Grinch content, a small part of him missed the chaos and mayhem of his old ways. Sure, his old life was reckless, but it was also full of creativity and strange commotion that made him oddly happy. He tried to incorporate some fun disarray into his life, like wearing strange clothes or occasionally pranking people, but nothing felt the same and he was struggling trying to find a good balance between the “good Grinch” and the “bad Grinch”. That was, until one day the phone rang.


The Grinch looked at his phone skeptically and debated not answering since it was an unknown caller. But, he was curious to find out what random person got his phone number, so he picked it up.

“Who is this and how did ya get my phone number?” He hastily asked.

“It’s Saint Nick, Grinch. I know we’ve never met but I’ve heard lots about you and your work down in Whoville.”

The fat old guy with the beard who works like one day out of the year? The Grinch thought to himself, why is he calling me?

“Heya Nicky, nice to meet ya. Heard loads about ya and ya work too. If you don’t mind me askin’ though, whatcha want?”

“I need your help. It’s urgent. The North Pole is in danger. It’s been under attack for weeks now by someone who hates Christmas more than you used to, Grinch, and I fear that the Pole’ might not be able to handle the next attack. I’m recruiting you to help defend the center of Christmas against a ghastly ancient villain. You used to plot against the citizens of Whoville using your contraptions and such. Heck, you nearly pulled off ruining their celebration before you changed your mind. I know you’ve reformed, but deep down you must still have some of that old grinch in you, and your original, heartless reputation would be perfect to help defeat the villain.”

Danger? Attacks? Villain? The Grinch felt a sense of excitement and adrenaline begin to course through his body. It was a comforting feeling. A familiar feeling. This could be the sense of chaos and disarray he had been searching for.

“I’m in, Nicky, but who are we up against? I mean, what kinda sicko could loathe Christmas more than I used to?” The Grinch asked.

Saint Nick hesitated and took a deep breath before responding.

“The Yeti.”

The Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti, was an ancient seemingly evil creature who used to reign terror on the North Pole and everyone who lived there. Years of torment and destruction finally came to a halt when Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Mother Nature, and Father Time all teamed up together and used their powers to subdue the beast for most of his life by forcing him to hibernate for 150 years at a time, and would only wake during the season of winter after his slumber was complete. Each winter he was awake for would be record breaking in terms of snowfall and cold temperatures, as he had powers over snow and ice. He was a massive ape-like being, standing at 15 feet tall, with broad shoulders and covered head to toe in white fur. Many people know these basic physical facts about the snowman, but what they do not know is that he also hates Christmas.

The Grinch quickly packed his bags and began his journey to the North Pole. While on his way, he debated how he would take on the Yeti. Perhaps, he would use his magical sleigh he had created to impersonate Santa Claus when stealing the Whos’ presents once again and attack the monster from the skies. However, an abush from underground snow tunnels could also be an option. He also wondered what would happen if he failed. Where would the people of the North Pole live? What would happen to the elves and Santa’s workshop? Would Christmas be able to go on if he was not successful? The pressure was definitely on.

He arrived at the North Pole in the middle of a horrible blizzard, and was immediately given hot chocolate and a new beanie by some elves before they took him to a conference room. Already sitting in the room were the other powerful celestial beings that had taken on the Yeti previously–Jack Frost, Mother Nature, Father Time, and of course, Santa Claus. Understandably, the Grinch felt just a touch out of place.

“Mr. Grinch, we’re so glad you could join us,” Mother Nature spoke first.

“Oh please, just call me Grinch,” he responded with a chuckle and a toothy grin. “If ya don’t mind me askin’, what the heck is goin’ on with the weather here?”

“It’s unfortunately been like that ever since the abominable snowman woke up,” Father Time responded. “Jack Frost and Mother Nature have done everything in their power to counteract it, but it’s taken quite the toll on the residents of the North Pole.”

“It has been quite disheartening,” Santa finally spoke, “to see the people in my town struggle because of the extreme snowfall and freezing temperatures this monster has brought to the North Pole. However, that is why you’re here Grinch. To help us end this madness once and for all.”

“Sure, yea, end the madness.” The Grinch gulped before asking, “What do ya plan we all do Nicky?”

“Well Grinch, it’s clear the original plan of his 150 year hibernation cycle is not working, so we have decided to end things. Permanently.”

Santa hesitated and looked around solemnly to the others before taking a deep breath speaking again.

“As celestial beings with powers, we are not allowed to kill others. Humans, creatures, other beings, etc. It is against the laws of the universe. However,” he sighed, “you are not a celestial being. Which is why we have brought you here. Your heartlessness and hatefulness you’ve shown in the past proves you have the ability to hurt others, and we were hoping you could do so with the Yeti. ”

The Grinch began to sweat as realization kicked in and Santa continued speaking.

“We believe the Snowman’s next attack will be tomorrow and we think he plans on causing an avalanche to bury the entire North Pole. Every house, business, and even the workshop. We’ve already begun to evacuate the people and elves so they are out of harm’s way just in case all fails. The plan for tomorrow is as follows: Jack Frost and Father Time will come from the ground to trap him. Grinch, you and I will use my sleigh to come from above and attack. Finally, you will end it all using an orb of immortal flames that Mother Nature will create to melt the Yeti away. Any questions?” Santa asked.

The Grinch shot up in distress and shouted, “Ya brought me here to kill him?? I thought ya wanted me cause of my good looks!”

Santa sighed before responding, “Originally yes that is why I recruited you, but we are running out of time and options unfortunately. We do not think there is another way to do this.”

Jack Frost chimed in, “Grinch, no one else can do it besides you. The people of the North Pole have been through so much already with the weather. Please help them by doing this.”

The Grinch slowly sat down and became quiet. He thought for a moment before gravely nodding.

Santa finished the meeting stating, “So we are all in agreement. Tomorrow we will attack. Everyone go home and get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us.”

That night, the Grinch tossed and turned as he laid awake with thoughts racing through his mind.

How am I supposed to kill someone?? I mean I know I used to do some bad stuff to the people of Whoville, but this is a completely different level. This is NOT the chaos and mayhem I wanted to bring back into my life. What will I do??

And so the Grinch began to think. And think. And think. And he came up with a plan for tomorrow.

The next morning everyone woke up fairly early to travel to the Abominable Snowman’s hideaway up on the mountain next to the North Pole. The journey was tough, as they had to trek through at least three feet of snow and walk against the downfall of the blizzard. However, they finally arrived and began to enact the plan Santa had discussed yesterday. Santa, Mother Nature, and the Grinch hopped into the sleigh and began to ascend as Jack Frost and Father Time discreetly continued to the Yeti’s hideaway, his cave.

“Come out Snowman! This ends now!” Father Time shouted.

The beast roared back. His pounding footsteps echoed through the walls of the cave entrance before he appeared, ten feet tall, white hair and all.

“You dare come to my cave?! The same place you condemned me to slumber most of my life away?” The Yeti yelled.

“It’s time to end this!” Jack Frost answered before throwing a rope around the creature’s legs.

Father Time did the same and the two of them continued to wrap him in ropes before he fell to the ground with a great thud.

“Now, Nicholas!” Father Time shouted.

With that cue, Santa, the Grinch, and Mother Nature flew down from the sky and got ready for the final part of the plan. Mother Nature began to create the orb of flames as they closed in on the Yeti.

“It’s time, Grinch,” Santa said in a solemn tone.

The Grinch gulped and took the orb from Mother Nature. He knew what he had to do. He knew this was wrong. Maybe this time, it was because his heart was 3 times too big. He wasn’t a bad guy anymore.

“Everyone stop!” The Grinch exclaimed as he tossed the orb aside into the snow.

“Grinch, what do you think you’re doing??” Santa asked.

The Grinch replied, “We all know that the Yeti hates Christmas. But has anyone ever bothered to ask why?”

“Well no, I don’t think so. We all just saw him as a threat and never bothered to ask since anyone who hates Christmas must be evil,” Santa answered.

The Grinch nodded and turned to the beast.

“Yeti, why do ya hate Christmas?” The Grinch asked.

The Yeti’s angry and hurt expression disappeared from his face and was replaced with a surprised one. He was silent for a while as he thought. Finally, he spoke.

“I hate Christmas because all of the other beings viewed me as an outcast because of where I lived and how I looked different. They never included me in Christmas celebrations or traditions just because I didn’t look like everyone else.”

“Huh. Sounds familiar!” The Grinch replied with an eye roll.

“Yeti, we had no way you felt that way. We assumed that you always hated Christmas because you isolated yourself up on the mountain and constantly made it a blizzard in December.” Mother Nature responded.

“Well, I’m just an introvert who loves a good white Christmas,” the Snowman replied.

“This ends now,” Santa declared. “From now on, Yeti, you are formally invited to all Christmas celebrations in the North Pole!

Everyone cheered as the Yeti was untied. Father Time, Jack Frost, Mother Nature, and the Abominable Snowman all began walking down the mountain towards the North Pole. Santa pulled the Grinch aside and asked him,

“Grinch, how on Earth did you think of that?”

The Grinch responded with a grin, “Cause’ I went through the same thing Nicky. I was terribly misunderstood and no one ever cared to ask why besides Cindy Lou. I figured it didn’t hurt to ask him the same thing.”

“Well, you saved the day, Grinch. No one could have done that besides you.” Santa replied.

He then gave him a pat on the back, and they joined the others. They all traveled down the mountain back to the North Pole where the Yeti apologized to the townspeople and the elves for his intense weather. He agreed to lighten up the snowfall and raise the temperatures, and everyone cheered once again. They all then drank hot chocolate, ate cookies, and sang Christmas songs together. Everything was right once again. The Grinch had often wondered if, deep down, he was a good grinch or a bad grinch. And now he finally knew.


The End



Kirsten A. Murphy is from Freehold, New Jersey, and is a junior Public and Interpersonal Communication major, Health Communication minor.