The Humanities and Salaries

The humanities are often pitted against STEM careers in terms of salaries. However, long-term salaries are where careers with humanities degrees shine. Review the following articles to learn more about humanities degree salaries.

Adams, Susan. “Majoring in The Humanities Does Pay Off, Just Later.” Forbes, 22 Jan 2014. Accessed 18 July 2018.
Recent humanities graduates do not initially make as much money as pre-professional students. However, by the time these people reach middle age, they will have an increase in wages. A major reason for this is because humanities graduates go on to pursue a graduate degree.

Berr, Jonathan. “Does a Liberal Arts Degree Lead to Low Pay? Not Necessarily.” CBS News, 29 Aug 2017. Accessed 12 July 2018.
It is not only humanities graduates from prestigious universities who earn more over time, but those from smaller schools do as well. There is a chart included in the article displaying the salaries of humanities graduates as opposed to STEM graduates in the same career areas.

Carlson, Scott. “Over Time, Humanities Grads Close the Pay Gap with Professional Peers.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 Feb 2018. Accessed 29 June 2018.
Humanities majors initially do not start out making as much money as STEM majors but over time, there is not much difference. Humanities majors’ careers change over time and so does pay. This article is a good reminder to all students that careers are not solidified forever.