The Importance of General Core Curriculum

Students tend to budge at the thought of taking classes that do not pertain to their major, but every class that is covered in a general core curriculum (GCC) offers a well-rounded education and new opportunities to experience a new field of study. The articles below discuss the importance and lifelong benefits of general education.

Austin, Michael W. “The Value of General Education.” Psychology Today, 13 Apr. 2011. Accessed 29 June. 2018.
GCC classes are valuable to be an informed individual and the information learned can be translated into a later career. College is not just for career preparation, but for lifelong benefits.

Cohn, Chuck. “Why You Need to Take Gen Eds and How You Can Appreciate Them.” The Huffington Post, 7 Oct. 2013. Accessed 29 June. 2018.
Cohn aims his argument specially towards freshmen by explaining the importance of being well-rounded. Every class that is taken can spark a new interest or offer brand new information but only if the student takes it seriously.

Rondeau, Ann. “General Education Helps College Students Succeed.” Daily Herald, 2 Nov. 2016. Accessed 8 July. 2018.
Employers look for employees that possess knowledge about other disciplines because all disciplines are interconnected. The College of DuPage combines multiple requirements into one class or offers unique alternative courses to meet requirements. Rondeau believes that the idea of general education should be different.