The value of peer mentoring

Callie Houck, a junior Management and Economics major, minoring in Social Entrepreneurship, has been a part of the peer mentoring program within the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business for two years.

The peer mentoring program is embedded in BADM 100, LFSB’s Freshman Seminar. First-year students are paired with an upper-class student and an alumnus; The goal is that these relationships help connect new students tangibly to campus resources and serve as a huge source of encouragement.

Callie joined the program her sophomore year. She shares, “As a mentor, I have learned the importance of not just being a good leader but being someone that others would want to follow.”

This experience has taught her not only how to lead others but how to lead herself and apply the same principles she is teaching her mentees, to her own life. “I can’t instruct them on time management when I show up late. It has prompted me to reflect on my own blind spots and see where I can improve to become a more consistent and well-rounded leader,” Callie stated.

In 2019, alumni mentors were added to the program curriculum with the hopes of offering additional encouragement and to provide career guidance to their paired peer mentor and first-year students.

“Having an alumni mentor pour into me helped me more than I ever expected,” Callie shared. “My alumni mentor, Rebekah Cheney, has been a major support throughout my time as a peer mentor. Her encouragement and advice have filled my cup so then I am able to pour into my mentees.”

We believe that our mentoring program is part of the reason that the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business has a strong retention rate of 79-83%, compared to 74% at Campbell and 67% nationally (National Clearinghouse, 2020).

“College is a big change but having a good support system in place can makes things a little less scary,” Callie stated. “Being a part of my mentees’ support system at Campbell has been such a privilege. I look at my mentees from last year who are now sophomores and am thankful for the opportunity I had to speak into their lives. I still have relationships with them and can continue to offer advice or a friendly smile while walking across campus.”

Renee Green is the Director of Student Success and Leadership Development at the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business; She also serves as the mastermind behind our peer mentoring program, and now the director of our newly established Rose Center for Peer Mentorship.

If you are interested in learning more about our peer mentoring program, please visit our website and/or reach out to Renee (