Third-Year DPT Student Obed Mulenda Reflects on His Time in the CU DPT Program

Obed Mulenda

DPT, Class of 2021

I am proud and honored that my Doctor of Physical Therapy program elected me as the class of 2021 president. I strive to use this position to serve my classmates, school, and profession at large. Campbell University has given me the community and support system I need to develop as a better man. My fiancé, family, and friends have stood by my side and helped me accomplish the ambitious goals and tasks that I sought after. Campbell has done a great job of allowing me to grow within their mission statement and provide to our community and those less fortunate. Our program instills the importance of community service and taking the time to listen to its students. 

I try to lead with empathy, understanding, and holding the program accountable for their mission statement. My classmates and I have worked closely with our faculty, staff, and administration, building a mutual respect allowing us to bring up challenging and controversial topics. This program makes it easy to work with faculty/staff. We’re able to freely converse, address topics, and move forward. I believe we’re able to make impactful and concrete change within our developing program.

With much support and assistance from my fiancé and classmates, I have been able to lead the charge to install a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair within our Student Government Association. This is designed to expand our understanding and ultimately make us better clinicians. I am fortunate to have classmates in the second and third year strong enough to take on these roles and help create foundational content and lesson plans. We have also been in a long discussion with our program and university about the expenses, cost of attendance, and its steady increase even through the pandemic. These professional and difficult conversations have helped all parties grow and gain perspective.

As a black male immigrant from Democratic Republic of Congo, I could have never foreseen myself attending a rural school that is so accepting. The family atmosphere at this university has helped me flourish and learn about myself. Along with the presidential position my classmates have allowed me to hold, I have been able to accomplish many tasks. With my classmates’ partnerships, this includes: creating a club, hosted interprofessional events, written positions into existence, created merchandise, and organized multiple projects within the community and our program. 

I am satisfied with what I have been able to achieve in a span of two short years. I hope to leave a legacy that will benefit the classes that matriculate after me. I have been blessed with my victories. I pray that my trials and tribulations will help me be a great clinician, advocate for my patients, and reach my dream of owning a practice.


Obed attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as an undergraduate. While attending the CU DPT program full-time, he is also employed in a Captain position for Bellhops Moving.