Trust students honor faculty through giving

A few months ago, some of my peers from the Trust program approached me with a unique idea. The thought process behind things were quite simple – “Let’s give back.” At the culmination of our time here at Campbell and with graduation drawing near, there was no hesitation.

We got the ball rolling and discussed ways to honor our professors who always went the extra mile to provide opportunities for us. As Trust students, we chose to honor three particular individuals: Mr. Tyler Britton, who brings sound legal advice and youth into the classroom, Dr. David Butler, who provides a fine balance of humor and professionalism amongst his students, and Mr. Jimmy Witherspoon, who lives and breathes his students’ success, JR’s Chicken and all things Trust.

Deciding how to give back was our next task.…

After speaking with some of the employees in the School of Business Advancement office, we agreed it would be most beneficial to contribute our funds towards an endowed scholarship in hopes that it would benefit future Trust and/or 4+1 students. Que the already established Jimmy Witherspoon Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund.

It was an implied understanding that the shared goal was to show our appreciation and leave an impact on those who would soon be in our shoes. Samantha Lowder, the student behind the plan, honored our professors, saying, “I wanted to give something that had meaning… like [our professors] have given all of us.” Others provided insight into why they gave back to the program and what motivates them as we approach the real world. “You all have helped me find my passion in life as you have done for countless others. I hope to make this program proud in my professional career,” said Alex Yarem, another Trust student.

At the last Trust dinner of our collegiate careers, the other Trust students and I presented a framed letter to Mr. Witherspoon. Together, the 10 of us contributed $1,250 towards the Jimmy Witherspoon Trust Endowed Scholarship. If there is one thing I have learned in working with Annual Giving as a graduate assistant, it is that “any gift of any size matters.” Well, coming from 10 broke college students, we were proud of the amount we raised – I mean, come on, that’s like 250 Cookout trays!

Reflecting upon the cooperation and philanthropic initiative of my peers, I find gratitude and affirmation that Campbell will always be my second home. Campbell has cultivated my personal and professional growth , and I can speak for my close friends when I say that we encourage all students across the University to take a moment and reflect on their own time at Campbell. Whether it be through a monetary gift, volunteering your time, or leading others in your program, you can always find gratification in giving back.

I would once again like to acknowledge those who were a part of this process and of course, our professors who have left a life-long impression on our education. Thank you.

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