Volunteering: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

student holding award

Student Doctor Anjali Agrawal, recently named Campbell Medicine’s Student DO of the Year for 2021, shares her reflections on volunteering to administer to COVID-19 vaccines in Harnett County.

Why did you volunteer to help with the vaccine clinic?
I wanted to help out with the vaccine clinic because I wanted to give back to my community in a meaningful way. It has been really frustrating watching the pandemic unfold and feeling like there was nothing that I could do help. This was a small way that I could volunteer my time to the community and help distribute much needed COVID vaccines.

What were some of the important things you learned or took away from the experience?
I really enjoyed giving the vaccinations to patients, but even more so, I loved meeting and talking to everyone. The patients were so kind and genuinely excited to be vaccinated. They were really thankful to Campbell students for delivering the vaccines and hopeful that this would be one step closer to the end of the pandemic. I specifically worked with the handicap population which was very special to me.

medical students with doctor
SD Agrawal and another student with Dr. Joe Cacioppo preparing COVID-19 vaccination paperwork

How do you feel about Campbell Medicine’s efforts during the pandemic?
I am excited Campbell has opportunities for its students to get involved in providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have also enjoyed working in an interprofessional setting with other medical and pharmacy students at the vaccination clinics.  I encourage other medical students to take advantage of volunteer opportunities especially during this time. What you are doing may not seem like a lot, but every little thing helps!!