What is Clinical Research and is it right for me?

Clinical Research grad at work

Do you want to play a role in improving health care? If you are interested in making an impact in the development of innovative treatments for diseases, availability of preventive therapies, or to improve health-related quality of life, Campbell’s Clinical Research degree might be right for you!

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is a profession that has the sole objective to advance medical knowledge by studying people. Clinical Research aids in the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of diseases. Clinical Research saves and improves lives. Clinical Research addresses the needs of diseases like COVID-19, cancer, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression, just to name a few.

How do I know if Clinical Research is right for me?

If you are an individual interested in the sciences, biology, healthcare, or simply helping people, there are literally a hundred reasons a career in Clinical Research may be right for you.

How long is the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research at Campbell?

4 years. The curriculum would be comprised of 4 semesters of required general core courses and 3 semesters of Clinical Research courses plus a semester long internship the senior year.

What types of courses would I take?

Courses within the program include Principles of Clinical Research, New Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Data Management, Monitoring Clinical Trials, Ethics in Clinical Research, just to name a few.

What types of things would I learn in this program?

You would learn how new therapies, medications, biological agents, vaccines, and medical devices are developed and assessed for their effectiveness and safety. This means Clinical Research is at the forefront of advancing healthcare. It is important to note that Clinical Research is not lab-based, it is research with people! Clinical Researchers are working with products before physicians prescribe them, pharmacists fill prescriptions for them, and nurses administer them.

Why is the field of Clinical Research necessary?

Without additional trained professionals in Clinical Research, the medical and healthcare industry will be compromised, the development of innovative and necessary treatments and therapies to help patients across all specialties will be undermined, and the ability to improve the quality of medical discovery will stall.

Will I be able to find a job after graduation?

Yes! At Campbell University, ~97% of graduates with the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research are hired within three months after graduating if not sooner. The demand for graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research is greater and growing faster than ever before. Forecasts of opportunities for the future are amazingly bright and long-term.

What can I do with a degree in Clinical Research?

Campbell alumni are working in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology sectors, medical device companies, contract research organizations or CROs, hospital and clinical locations, and government agencies. Many of our graduates also go on to more advanced training.

What type of pay or salary can I expect with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Research?

Following only four years of college education at Campbell University, a graduate can expect salaries for entry positions of $51,000 – $57,000 with benefits like health insurance, retirement account, and paid vacation. Clinical Research is a vertical profession, meaning you can grow. Jobs that start at $51,000 – $57,000 a year quickly grow with advancements and promotion for a job well done to $70,000, $80,000, to beyond $100,000.

Why Campbell?

The Department of Clinical Research at Campbell University was established way back in 1998 – making this the longest standing program in this region of the country.

Campbell knows how to prepare graduates that are employed quickly.

If you are willing to commit to high ethical standards, be organized, develop or have strong communication skills, and maintain a mindset of curiosity – Campbell can provide to you the opportunity to learn the critical skills and knowledge to be successful in this profession.

This program is widely respected. Campbell has award winning faculty on campus as well as faculty who actively work in the Clinical Research field. Campbell maintains the distinctive dedication to quality liberal arts education, free enterprise, and our Christian mission.