What is CYTI?

CYTI is the Campbell Youth Theological Institute. High school students begin a journey exploring how their faith and calling impacts their understanding of vocation and mission in the world. We like to think of it as standing at the intersection of faith and vocation. During a two-week residential experience on our campus, students will study with and serve alongside faculty innovators in their fields, caring coaches and mentors, and other students asking similar questions.

The fields of study include divinity, social entrepreneurship, restorative justice, public health, engineering and social work to name just a few. Students will be challenged to consider what it means to live a Kingdom-life in whatever vocation or setting they find themselves. God is calling each of us. The questions to answer are “to what?” and “how do I hear?”

There will also be plenty of time for serving where the community has invited us to participate, and for reflecting upon how God is at work in the immediate situations, but also how God can use us to work towards addressing systemic issues behind those situations. Our devotions, worship and discernment work will focus on raising our awareness of hearing God’s call and how to be faithful to it.

Over the next several months, we have asked several writers, thinkers and professionals to answer the question of what it means to stand at the intersection of faith and vocation. Their words have challenged us, moved us and inspired us. We cannot wait to share them with you.

More information can be obtained through the “Contact Us” boxes on the front page. We will also roll out a video very soon, as well as an official registration page through the Campbell University website. Until then, save the date: July 16-29, 2017, and consider if this is a program for you or the high school student in your family, church or community.