Winter Break Cleaning Protocols 

As Campbell students head home for the holidays, Custodial Services will begin to ready the campus for the spring semester. 


All classrooms will be deep cleaned and disinfected using Clorox 360 total defense electrostatic sprayers. Classrooms with sensitive materials will be handled in conjunction with cleaning procedures set forth by the individuals or department heads for those areas.

Deep cleaning will include the removal of all trash, vacuuming and shampooing carpet (as needed), and wiping down all desks, chairs, whiteboards, and tables. 

Residence Halls

All Residence Hall entryways, stairwells (inside and out), elevators, shared bathrooms, lounges, and lobbies will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using Clorox 360 total defense electrostatic sprayers.  

Deep cleaning will include removal of all trash, carpet and hard floor care and wiping down all touchpoints 

Note: Custodians will not be permitted to enter student spaces with personal items without permission from Residence Life. 

Office space

All offices will be vacuumed and thoroughly wiped down, where permitted. Custodians will remove all trash in wastebaskets immediately following the campus closure for winter break. If occupants reenter the space after it has been cleaned, they will be responsible for removing the trash. Custodians will reenter the office(s) once faculty and staff return to work following the winter break. 

Custodians will not be permitted or responsible for cleaning any spaces that have paperwork or personal items on them; i.e. desks, bookshelves, etc. 

Athletic venue

Custodial services will concentrate on athletic venues that actively have students training and competing. These areas will be cleaned and disinfected as needed.

Public restrooms

All public restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized.