Young Alumni Profile: Meredith Clark, ’17

Meredith Clark

Meredith Clark (‘17) is quick to tell you that her love for Campbell University “runs deep.” 

When looking back over her on-campus involvement during her time as a student, it is no surprise that Clark feels so connected to her alma mater. Student Government, Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Marketing Club, and the Student Alumni Association are just a few of the organizations Clark participated in during her time on campus. She also worked for the Business School and the International Admissions office, providing her with work experience while also enabling her to show her passion for Campbell to incoming students. 

Moreover, Campbell is a family affair for Clark; the daughter of two Campbell alumni and the sister of a current Campbell senior, Clark feels a connection to Campbell that she says informs much of who she is today. 

And today, she is living in Wilmington, North Carolina, working in a new position for BB&T Scott & Stringfellow where she began this past August. Clark is enjoying her new city, commenting that while Wilmington has a variety of experiences to offer, her favorite thing about the city is its proximity to the beach. 

Despite her love for the town, she readily admits that moving to a new place “was very intimidating at first. You’re adjusting to your new life, your new job, and trying to find yourself.” 

However, Clark has found that this season of newness is made more manageable by the piece of home afforded to her through the prospect of her regional Alumni Network, which officially launched on January 1, 2020. 

Clark says she thinks Alumni Networks will be very beneficial, because it will allow her to meet fellow Campbell alumni in the Wilmington area and continue to keep in touch with the university that shaped so much of who she is. 

“Campbell really connects you with people, no matter what part of the world you’re in.” Clark concludes, “and I’m so excited to meet new people in my area.” 

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Leah Tripp, '20 Student Writer

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