Young Alumni Profile: Richard Carden, ’18

Richard Carden

When Richard Carden (’18) moved to Winston-Salem, NC after graduation, he admits he did not know much about the city. While Carden was excited to accept a position as a Fiduciary Administrator at Wells Fargo, he explains that acclimating to the new city was a process, one that he says many new graduates encounter when transitioning from college to post-graduation life. 

As an undergraduate student, Carden was extremely involved in the Campbell community, participating in the Camel Crazies, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, the First Year Experience Peer Mentorship program, intramural sports, and serving as an ambassador for Campbell’s Admissions Office. His involvement and positive experiences at Campbell led to a desire to maintain his strong connection with his alma mater. 

Fortunately, Carden has been able to maintain his connection due to his participation in alumni events and programs, including the recently launched Alumni Networks. In addition to maintaining his connection, Carden also states that his involvement as an alumnus has made his personal transition to life in Winston-Salem significantly easier.

“Staying involved as an alumnus makes the transition to a new city more seamless” Carden explains. “You are quickly connected with new friends that share a common love for their alma mater,” he adds. 

In addition to providing an opportunity for personal friendships, Carden also emphasizes the importance of Alumni Networks in regards to professional endeavors. 

“The Alumni Networks excite me because…they can be an open place for discussion, networking, and events.” Carden says, underscoring the value of networking opportunities for young professionals who are attempting to pursue their career goals in a new city. 

When asked how helpful he thinks Alumni Networks will be for Campbell’s newest alumni, Carden deems the presence of Alumni Networks “very beneficial” for recent alumni, especially those who have recently moved. 

“Having the network will allow new alumni to quickly meet people when they move to a new town, which will also help them acclimate to their new city.” 

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Leah Tripp, '20 Student Writer

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