A Historical Look at Investments in Rural America


Woman in graduation gown smiling and tossing her graduate cap into the air.On December 10th, 2018, Campbell’s Office of Rural Philanthropic Analysis posted a blog highlighting the case study from the National Rural Funders Collaborative (NRFC), a collaboration of private foundations that worked to develop rural community initiatives in historically low socioeconomic status areas across the country, especially communities of color and poor communities. In April 2012, this initiative was presented in a National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) webinar by the NRFC’s founding executive director, James A. Richardson and David R. Dangler, a founding member of the National Alliance for Rural Policy (NARP) and head of NeighborWorks America’s Rural Initiative. They highlighted the NRFC’s two-phased, 10-year plan to elevate the quality of life, compensation, and greater equality for the rights and privileges of historically marginalized people in rural areas. We wanted to highlight the webinar specifically, as it is very helpful in sharing information, lessons learned from the NRFC, and future directions for this type of work in a shorter, more condensed presentation format. The full webinar can be viewed on the NCLC website.

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